Yellow Arch Studios –
Dopamine Disco


After years of exploring sounds and making music as a means to alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, Simon Brown has developed Dopamine Disco in collaboration with Yellow Arch Studios and Dr John O’Connell.  Simon personally discovered an incredible relief from the tremors, muscle stiffness and depression attributed to the disease through music and dancing.


Dopamine Disco returns to Yellow Arch Studios with a welcoming and accessible journey through dance music, from Soul and Disco, through to House and deep funky Techno.

Whether you’re interested in taking part as a therapeutic release (music is proven to generate dopamine) or simply want to let go and dance with no judgement or stress; the Dopamine Disco is open to individuals of all ages and abilities. We believe it will bring hope, joy and good vibes to the People’s Republic of South Yorkshire.


Running order

7pm – 8pm

The Soul of Disco

An audio journey through the early some of the influences of Disco and House. Expect both classics and hidden gems, Soul has shaped (and been sampled by) dance music ever since.


8pm – 9pm


Time to get down. This is not your standard wedding DJ Disco. Expect deep and dirty buried treasures with more than a nod to the legendary New York loft parties of the 70s.


9pm – 10pm

Block Party Hip-Hop

Early Hip-Hop, before misogyny and gun violence tainted it. A time when block parties and Soul Train were more important than bling. More Sugar Hill than Cypress Hill.


10pm – 11pm

Let there be House

When DJs started introducing synthesizers and drum machines into the booth, modern dance music was born. Starting in Chicago, House bought together Gospel, Disco and Soul with deep and heavy electronic rhythms.


11pm – 12am

Deep Funky Techno

Started in Detroit, think of it as House’s moody brother. By this point you should be craving the energy of these repetitive, electronic basslines and kick drums.

Admission is free. Donations welcome.